Information about the Burkina Faso Country

Game And Nature Reserve

The Bangr Weogo Park

This Bangr Weogo Park is situated at the heart of the city, it is such an amazing urban park which is full of animals and plants. This park is home to a museum meaning that it has all the attraction you need. To add up; the fine restaurants and sporting at this park is absolutely amazing.


The Reserve of Nazinga is 97,000-hectare wildlife reserve has become a highlight on many a wildlife lover’s itinerary. The park has antelopes, monkeys, warthogs, crocodiles and plenty of birds, but elephants are the stars of the show. The best times to see them are December to April.

The Kaboré Tambi National Park

The Kaboré Tambi National Park  is located near the capital, Ouagadougou and a few kilometers from the border with Ghana. It is one of the treasured national parks and protected areas in Burkina Faso that was gazetted a national park in 1976 as Po National Park. The named changed with tribute to a game ranger.

The Bangr Weogo Park

Kou Forest– It is located about 21 kilometers from the guinguette (Nasso road) and its access is passable. It is a forest very rich in vegetation where one finds there very important sources of which one is captured by the National Office of water to supply the city of Bobo-Dioulasso.

The Bangr Weogo Park

The Mare aux Hippopotames (Lake of Hippopotamuses) is a lake and national park in Burkina Faso, created in 1937 and designated in 1977 as the only UNESCO Biosphere Reserve in the nation. The park was created around a freshwater lake and includes surrounding pools and marches in the flood plain of the Black Volta River.

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